MSM Dawn Of Fire | Cloud Island SPED UP | HD 1080p

my singing monsters speed up cheat


my singing monsters speed up cheat

MSM Dawn Of Fire: Cloud Island Full Song SPED UP too 1.5x Speed

*Headphones Recommended*

Please give the video a like and leave your suggestions of Solo’s, Duets, Trio’s and more I should do with the monsters in the comment section below. Please also make sure requests are clear and left on my most recent set of video’s as thats where i’m most likely to see them, I try and do everybody’s requests 🙂
Thanks for watching! 😀

My Dawn Of Fire friend code is: Q61H38AM

My friend code for the first My Singing Monsters is: 10322255DD

The my singing monsters speed up cheat – my singing monsters cheats for coins, feeds & diamonds.

Wubbox+Galvana confirmed. Also hi Screem00 if ur here


35 thoughts to “MSM Dawn Of Fire | Cloud Island SPED UP | HD 1080p”

  1. Loud meter…

    VERY LOUD: Woolabee, Whaddle

    KINDA LOUD: Thrumble, Dandidoo

    LOUD: PomPom, Phangler

    NORMAL: Entbrat, Oaktapus, Flum-Ox

    OK I GUESS: Sneyser, Pango, Boskus

    I ALMOST CAN’T HEAR YOU: Krillby, Shellbeat

    OK WTF toooo QUIET: Tweedle, Ziggurabb

  2. Is anyone concerned about sneyser getting tired from all that snorting?…… Ok. We'll just worry about Sooza then.

  3. Anyone else noticed that Whaddle, Ziggurab, and Entbrat are following PomPom's moves?


    Um, okay….

  4. Wubbox has seen starhenge! He based the wublins off of the celestials! The mulch on maulch was glaishurr ice, poewk plays vhamps organ, zuuker and blasoom both have plant themed horns, torrt and astropod both have that shell, tympa and furnoss, zynth and scaratar, whajje amd attmoz, and of course, wubbox and galvana

  5. Yes wubbox Is shockingly my son because i made him and creator of a creation love each other and he misses me that's why he writes that

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