my singing monsters hack computer


my singing monsters hack computer

NOTE: Not real! Just a file change lol


Friend Codes (Add me to see my islands before I upload them!):
MysteryDonut: 43159386GC
MysteryDonut 2: 61733595HH
MysteryDonut 3: 61615259DD
jjja909 (brother’s account): 3949693GD
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My Singing Monsters Lighting torches!

I usually light torches when i have completed everything I can in MSM. Computer users sorry for the flipped picture. :\
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The my singing monsters hack computer – my singing monsters hack for coins, feeds & diamonds.

Add me as a friend if you would like here is my friend code 66654722DE
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30 thoughts to “Nono”

  1. Hello there, I have been going through people I've blocked on Roblox. You're one of them and sadly I can't unblock you. You probably won't remember me but my username is Epicwingninja9999. If you do remember me and remember me blocking you please give me the reason. If I never gave you a reason then don't worry about it. By the way I've subscribed on another account. Had to due to too many people I've subscribed. Sorry if you had to waste your time reading this please do looking up my username.

  2. I'm almost getting my first job in my life and BBB is still endeavouring to not release those Ethereals to Composer Island.

  3. My friend code is 65803187AB. I light torches, send keys, and give likes to islands numerous times a day. All I ask is that you light my torches. Thanks

  4. If you're a new player*, or just looking for someone to help with you're torches…
    Add me, 39099765HN and I will take care of one of your torches, daily. Yes, I check numerous times a day for people in need of a refresh on their torches. I make a point to return the favor of lighting torches for those that light mine 🙂
    I tend to light Ethereal first, unless noted otherwise. (add to your MSM display name the island you would prefer being lit first. Example- [Your Name/ ID] Air>Water)
    *If you're a new player, Welcome to the game! Use the referral option to obtain 5 FREE diamonds. Click the Option gear (bottom right corner) then click Referral, add ID 39099765HN ( Unfortunately, you can only use the referral option one time)
    Thanks, Tink

  5. The thumbnail said no friends and you show yourself putting in your friend code also you can light your diamonds using the anonymous accounts and remove them later lol

  6. yo guys my friend code is 65022422HM go add me i'll add you back and also join my tribe! I'm also lighting torches! thanks 🙂

  7. thank you 😀 you made my day I subed and liked likes a If you want me to do that to you comment on this and I will do it for you 😀

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